Raising awareness of knee arthrofibrosis

Use a goniometer to chart your own range of motion

Keep a chart week by week of your own range of motion of the bad knee and the good knee. Show this to your physiotherapist and discuss it on rehab sites.


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    I think this could be a useful way to check if the amount you can bend your knee is changing but anyone trying this would need to know what a goniometer is (http://www.kneeguru.co.uk/KNEEnotes/goniometer) and how to use it.

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    KNEEguru ( Idea Submitter )

    Yes, sure. The standard type of goniometer consists of two long thin arms, usually of metal or plastic, radiating from a central round disc, marked out in degrees. The disc is placed on the side of the knee, while the arms are extended to be parallel to the tibia and the femur. The angle the arms make with one another is recorded.

    Since the widespread adoption of position-sensitive devices like the iphone, apps can be downloaded that can record the inclination of the tibia when the patient is lying on their back with the knee extended as far as possible, and the app software makes an extrapolation of the knee angle that should be comparable to that obtained by a standard goniometer.

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    I have my own goniometer to keep track of my ROM, esp after surgeries. It is very beneficial for a person, such as myself, with arthrofibrosis. I can report my measurements to my PT when I have several days between PT.

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